Software installation / uninstall apps.

  • Are you still using Windows 7?
  • Increasingly frequent error messages?
  • Is it time for a newer operating system?
  • Do you want to switch to Windows 10?
  • Favorite program no longer works?
  • Need to update?
  • Missing functionality?
  • Is this version still supported?
  • Uninstall apps from Windows 10?
  • We offer you a reliable and secure update of your computer for a good price. All this without losing your favorite programs, important data, files, as well as photos, music and videos.

Software installation


  • Still using Windows 7? 14.01.2020 end of support! Use a secure operating system! We will help you with the transition to a newer version.
  • We’ll install everything you need and how you need it!
  • Whether you need to upgrade a simple application or upgrade to a newer operating system, do not hesitate to contact our professionals.
  • We will design the optimal software solution for you.


Don’t have time to take your device to us? Never mind!
We will be happy to come to your facility.