CCTV / Camera system.
Protect what's important!

  • Do you live in a busy neighborhood?
  • Do you have strange neighbors?
  • Don’t trust the babysitter?
  • Do you need to monitor an office or store?
Camera system


A peaceful work environment and a safe home are increasingly important to us. The solution today is the popular camera and security systems. Their modern appearance, flexibility and affordability are appreciated by our satisfied customers. We will help you choose the right camera system and take care of its design and complete installation. It doesn’t matter if you need cameras for an apartment, cameras for a company, cameras for a family house or cameras for a cottage. We will find the right customized camera system for you.

All of these services may be provided only by an entity licensed to install and service CCTV as required by law. We own current license issued by the Regional Directorate of the Police and therefore we can perform these professional services.

Higher security

Higher safety always at hand

A reliable camera system will give you a sense of security and safety. Monitoring of your company or property, live previews, images directly online as well as remote control via applications on a mobile phone or computer are matters of course. Access to the records of the monitored areas is part of every camera security system we supply.

For everyone

Affordable price for everyone

The price of CCTV systems is now affordable for practically anyone. Therefore, do not hesitate and use our experience with the implementation of camera security projects. We will design and implement camera systems according to your requirements. We will choose the right IP cameras for you. The approximate price of assembly, installation of the camera system is inaccurate. Request a tailor-made price-offer.

Wide range of uses

Wide range of use

The modern design of the cameras is a response to current customer requirements and many years of experience in the field of camera systems. The use and availability of cameras have caused them to spread to almost every area of our lives. New and unexpected applications of camera systems in practice are constantly emerging.

Smart application

Smart application on your computer and phone

You can always have the camera system with you. All you need is your mobile. The installed camera system is set up and controlled via an app on your phone or computer. This gives you a real-time overview of the situation in the monitored area, as well as the ability to download saved records.

Interference warning

Intrusion alert immediately

You will receive a notification of intrusion of the monitored spaces directly on your mobile phone. You can then easily control each device via the smartphone app.

Technological sophistication

Technological sophistication

Today's world is a world of technology that is ever better. Recognition, night vision, sharpness and image quality are a matter of course. But pricing is already affordable for everyone.

Don´t hesitate to contact us. Based on an interview and a tour of the premises, we will then suggest the most suitable solution. Request a price offer for the installation of a camera system. We will provide you with the best prices according to your requirements.