Service / repair of laptops, computers

  • Does the laptop / computer not turn on?
  • Do you only see colored lines on the screen?
  • Is it slow and warming up like a radiator?
  • Has the laptop / computer been infected with a virus?
  • Is the hardware damaged?
  • Out of date laptop / computer software?
  • Do you need the service / repair of laptop, computer Bratislava?
Computer repair


  • We repairĀ  all known brands of laptops and computers.
  • We perform various types of repair, such as:
  • laptop / computer motherboard repair and replacement
  • replacement of LCD panels and LVDS cables
  • keyboard replacement on laptop
  • repair of connectors
  • replacement of parts
  • cooling replacement
  • repair and replacement of damaged plastics or hinges
  • hard drive replacement
  • replacement or replenishment of RAM (operational memory)
  • repairs and installations of Windows, OS X (Mac), Linux operating systems
  • wifi network or printer settings
  • laptop / computer acceleration
  • laptop cleaning, computer cleaning
  • but also cleaning attacked laptops.
  • We repair laptops and computers of different platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android.
  • We’ve been a part of the IT world for a really long time and we still haven’t enjoyed it enough.
  • We like challenges and with the help of our experience we can handle your small or big problem with your laptop / computer.
  • We will provide you with the service of your laptop / computer at the highest level.
  • Our professional team will reveal the cause and therefore repair a laptop / computer is the right step for us.
  • Ask about laptop repair / computer repair.
  • You don’t have to be just from Bratislava. We will send a courier to you.


Don’t have time to take your device to us? Never mind!
We will be happy to come to your facility.