USB flash drive as protection against 5G networks?

  • Can a USB flash drive protect against the negative impact of 5G networks?
  • Is it health protection or fraud?
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Protection against 5G networks

Homeoffice, distance learning and new technologies in households

Many living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms have been transformed into study and school classrooms in the last year. People work from home, children study using distance learning and more and more computers, mobile phones and other devices are used in households during this period. The new generation of mobile network, known as 5G, also contributed to the increased interest of people in modern technologies.

Last year, many fabrications, half-truths or even alarming messages began to spread in connection with it. Some people were so frightened that they started setting fire to 5G transmitters. This created space for various speculators who sell miraculous protective equipment against 5G networks. But are they as effective as their vendors say?

USB flash drive as protection against the negative impact of 5G networks?

Last year, a “special” USB flash drive appeared on the market, which allegedly reduces the harmful effects of 5G networks by creating a kind of protective BIO shield. The British manufacturer sells it under the name “5GBioShield” and the current price of this device is 325 Euros in silver and 365 Euros in gold.

The USB flash drive promises a protection range of 8 to 40 meters, depending on whether the drive is plugged into a USB connector or a USB socket. It should have a protective effect against several types of radiation, ie. from the latest 5G devices to older devices and appliances that transmit or receive network signals.
A closer examination of this “miraculous” USB flash drive has shown that it is a subtle scam on people.

It turned out to be a standard USB flash drive with a color diode, which the manufacturer affixed with a color sticker. The capacity of the USB flash drive is only 128 megabytes, so you could fit barely 25 MP3 music tracks on it. The turnkey seller uploaded information from the product’s website and named it educational materials. The research did not reveal any other special functionality.

Following the outbreak of fraud in May 2020, the British authorities had the ambition to achieve the closure of the fraudulent website. However, the website is currently still functional and the 5GBioShield USB flash drive is available for sale. Before you buy such or a similar product, it is a good idea to turn to trusted professionals to give you an expert opinion.